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  • What are Paid Listings and How Do I Use Them?

    In 60 days, you can only post a certain number of free advertising on You are permitted to submit four adverts for free in the Real Estate category (excluding commercial real estate). You would have to pay for extra Listings if you wanted to submit more adverts. No, both Free Limits and Paid Ads are based on ‘posted' rather than ‘active' ads. This means that if you've 'posted' three ads in the last 30/60 days and the category's free listing limit is three, you won't be able to publish any more advertising for free, whether they're active or not. A pending ad will be counted toward the category's available free advertisements.If your ad is rejected, you are able to submit another free ad in place of the one that was rejected.

  • Can I post another ad for free if I delete my present one?

    To publish for free, you must wait for these ads to reach the end of their validity term (30/60 days from the date of posting). Similarly, just because you delete a Paid Ad doesn't mean you can't replace it with another. One unit from your Paid Ad Package is used up once your Paid Listing is live.

  • How do I buy Paid Advertisements once I've posted all of the free ads in a category?

    When you try to post an Ad after your Free Limit has been reached, you will be alerted. At this stage, you may either wait or pay for that one ad or a package that includes other ads that can be uploaded. We encourage purchasing packages to get the most bang for your buck. You may also pay to activate your ads by going to "Pending Ads" under "My Ads."

  • What are the different payment options?

    You can use your credit card, ecocash, telecash, onemoney, zimswitch etc…

  • How do I Post an Ad onto the Site?

    1. Tap on the red button that says post an ad at the top right of the webpage 2. Write a catchy title for your ad. 3. Choose a category and subcategory then press next 4. Include some details of the your item - remember to complete the mandatory options marked with a * 5. Select whether the price is negotiable or fixed, 6. Select currency 7. Simply take or upload up some photos of what you'd like to sell. (Pro-tip: the more photos you upload the faster you'll sell.) 8. Set your price. 9. Put all the required information then press next (Pro-tip: the more information you add about your product, the faster you sell) 10. Fill in your name and contact details, location 11. Tap on SUBMIT It's that easy!